Apply for a First Pres Scholarship

Higher Education Scholarships and Church Camp Scholarships

Higher Education Scholarships and Church Camp Scholarships are available for First Presbyterian Church, Wausau members (baptized, confirmed or through affirmation of faith). Let FPC help you further your interests.

  1. Read the criteria to see if you can qualify for a Higher Education Scholarship and fill out the application and send to Mary S.
  2. Camp Scholarships to Daycholah (previously called Pilgrim Center), Moon Beach, Cedar Valley or other church related camps are available for youth, family, adults who are involved at FPC. Information about these camps can be found at or United Church Camps Inc.  Events are listed on this website for each camp.  Contact Mary S for details.
  3. 2022 Youth Triennium is July 24-27 in Indianapolis for rising freshman through graduated seniors in high school. Winnebago Presbytery will pay $535 for adult participants and will make scholarships available for youth registrants cost of $515. Transportation and hotel expenses will be paid by Presbytery. Deadline for registration is mid-April.

Applications for #1 are available online or in the church office (9:00-12:00 Mon-Thurs) beginning February 21.  Turn in application by May 9th.  Results will be known by July 13th. Deadlines for camp scholarships will vary according to the camp registrations of the camp.