Meet Our Music Volunteers and Support Staff

Many thanks go out to the following individuals who help immensely with our music program!

Rick heads First Presbyterian’s sound and recording system. Rick volunteers his time each week to bring us an understandable Sunday service and provides sound for many of our special events.

Kevin brings his technology knowledge to assist Rick in the booth and is one of the few who understands our new sound board. Kevin also helps with our website and co-chairs the property committee.

Becca wears many hats for the Music Ministry. Becca is our Events Steward and is on hand anytime a concert or special event needs setting up and oversight.  She also assists in the sound booth when needed and is a member of the Handbell Choir.

Karen and Polly assist in the Choir Library, filing and refiling music for the Chancel Choir. This is an immense help to the Music Director!