Meet Our Music Volunteers

Many thanks go out to the following individuals who help immensely with our music volunteers program!

Rick Builer
First Presbyterian’s sound and recording system is headed by Rick Builer, who volunteers his time each week to bring us an understandable Sunday service both in the Sanctuary and on our website.

Mary Ellen Martin assists Rick in the booth, and each Sunday they set up necessary microphones for the worship leaders and choirs, organize the recording of the service and make sure that the recording gets posted to our website.

Joy Patterson
As many of you know, Joy’s most precious gift is the gift of composition, both of music and text. Many a worship service has been enhanced by her special hymns or anthems for a particular service, with a particular twist, or by the re-writing of an existing text to make it more relevant for our times or our church. Thanks, Joy, for enhancing our music with your thoughtful and inspiring compositions!

Karen Haines
Thanks to Karen Haines, who serves as Chancel Choir Librarian, removing music that’s been used and adding new anthems to each folder. Thank you, Karen, for caring for our choir members and helping our Music Director

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with the music program, please contact Susan Schaefer: