First Presbyterian Chamber Music Series

The 2019-2020 season was so promising with the partnership with the Wausau Conservatory of Music. 

While we had five events scheduled, we were only able to hold two events which were both well-attended. The first featured pianist, Michael Fischer, (our Music Director) partnering with painter, David Hummer in an improvisatory afternoon titled A Painter, a Pianist, and a Conversation with No Words where we saw the interaction between two artists in different art mediums. 

The second was one of our favorites–Bits and Pieces–and featured several soloists and ensembles including musicians from our congregation as well as University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Then, COVID-19 made its impact and our final three concerts were cancelled.

The Chamber Music Series will return in the future at a time when it is determined safer for audiences to attend live events once again.

Here is footage from A Painter, a Pianist, and a Conversation with No Words.