Community Driven

Our vision of ministry is that of a caring community of faith, welcoming to all, ministering to each other, our local community, and the world – all part of our rich church history.

Our church history is rooted in ministering to each other through our very active deacon ministries, prayer chains, and personal devotion, and by worshiping God together.  We serve our community with a twice-monthly food pantry and a community supper served at our church every Sunday evening.  This meal has support of over twenty other faith and community groups in our area who rotate meal planning, purchase, and preparation. For more than 40 years we have hosted a Thanksgiving meal for the community serving close to 500.

Our church is involved with the Naomi Project that attempts to find solutions to chronic social issues.

Additionally we ring bells for Salvation Army and purchase supplies and warm clothing for a neighborhood school. Our children sponsor a monthly mini-mission activity. A few years ago we added a vegetable garden on our church property to supply our food pantry with fresh tomatoes, beans, and other fresh produce.

The unifying thread of our church life is mission work – reaching out not only to our congregation members in times of need, but also to the community as a whole.