Current Elders and Deacons

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Class of 2019:

Cheryl Davis, Clerk of Session

Marilyn Indermuehle

Kristin Janis

Doug Klingberg (2 yr)

Class of 2019 (2 year term)

Denis Burgess

Jennifer Faust

George Houghton (1 yr)

Rick Wicklund

Class of 2020 (2 year term)

Mary Anderson

Pudge Kimbel

Steve Martinson

Andy Schell

Moderator, Rev. Rachel A, Wann


Class of 2019

Katherine Crabtree

Andy Nordstrom (1 yr)

Nick Smith

Ann Wicklund

Class of 2019 (2 year term)

Wendy Fox

Connie Peckham

Joni Todd

Helen Roberts (1 yr)

Class of 2020 (2 year term)

Chad Abiehl

Marilyn McCann

Sarah Slayton

Maren Thoreson

Joy Nelson-Jeffers, staff liaison