Deacon’s Ministries

The 12 member Board of Deacons gives leadership to 5 ministries which serve the needs of the congregation and our neighbors through our community assistance programs.

Please continue to be generous with your donations to the Deacon Fund and use the little green envelopes, if you will.  We, and those we assist, are very appreciative.

Are you able to provide transportation to a church member occasionally?  Please let us know!

If you are home-bound and love to read, our public library has a program for you!  They will either deliver or send you books with mailers for returning them.  Contact Pastor Joy or a Deacon for the needed form.

The Deacon Loan Closet has a Hoyer Lift.  Should it be a help for you, contact the church office.

About the Deacon’s – offering community assistance to members and our neighbors:

The Visitation Ministry visits members who are homebound and those who are hospitalized on a regular basis.

The Caring Arms Ministry seeks to encourage members through cards and devotional materials, responds to members or those connected to our church family who are in hardship situations, and initiates various “angel” projects to address specific needs.

The Home Helpers Ministry assists those striving to maintain independent living by helping them with an occasional light maintenance task.  Contact us to help you with small tasks!

The Transportation Ministry arranges transportation to church functions and needed appointments.

The Safety Net Ministry provides meals for those in need after hospitalization, a temporary change in home life, or an emergency situation.

Whether you are looking for a place to volunteer or need a little support, the deacons are here for you with caring arms, a safety net, visitation, transportation and community resources.