Deacon’s Ministries

The 12 member Board of Deacons gives leadership to 5 ministries which serve the needs of the congregation and our neighbors through our community assistance programs.

  • Visitation Ministry for homebound and hospitalized
  • Caring Arms Ministry encourages and intiates various “angel projects” to address specific needs
  • Home Helpers Ministry assists those striving to maintain independent with small tasks
  • Transportation Ministry arranges transportation to church functions and needed appointments
  • The Safety Net Ministry provides meals after hospitalization, a temporary needs, or an emergency situation.

The Deacons maintain a Loan Closet that has many medical supplies you can borrow including a Hoyer Lift.

Throughout the year, the Deacon Board looks for ways to be of assistance to members and our neighbors.

The Deacon Ministry is supported through giving which can be done online using the online giving form in the right-hand column of this page.

Whether you are looking for a place to volunteer or need a little support, the deacons are here for you with caring arms, a safety net, visitation, transportation and community resources.